Show it off. Brochures are the chance to let your product glow and deeply address your prospect's "pain points." Direct mail and trade show versatility.

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White Papers

A substantive white paper establishes your tech as the best in the industry. This is your most enduring and most important content marketing piece. Fortune 500s publish them—the cannabis industry does too.

Case studies

Show how your product creates success. These journalistic stories read like third-party recommendations. After all, cannabis is still a word-of-mouth industry...



Whether written in my name or "ghostwritten" in yours, articles create thought leadership organically. Go where your customers are!

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Web copy

Make sure your first impression isn't your last. Speak! If you can keep prospects on your site for 30 seconds, it greatly increases the chance they'll stay for two minutes.



Stay in constant contact while providing valuable information that centers on your prospect's needs—and your technology! Nurtured leads drive sales.


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